Swift Sensors Demo Video Series

View the following demo videos for an overview of the Swift Sensors remote monitoring and alert system to see how to set up the system and configure the software to get up and running quickly.

Step 1: System Overview and Setup

Get an overview of the system components and walk  through the process of setting up your gateways hotspot, connecting to the network, and powering up your sensors.    

Step 2: Console Walkthrough

Walk through a brief tour of the console software.  Learn how to navigate between through your account, check the status of your sensors, and view the historical and live data from your measurements.   

Step 3: Thresholds and Notifications

Learn how to configure thresholds and notifications for your measurements to receive an SMS text, email, or phone call when your measurements reach warning or critical levels.   

Step 4: Reports and Dashboards

Get an overview of the reporting available in the console.  See how you can automatically produce temperature logs and verification reports, analyze performance across shifts, and build dashboards to summarize your system view.  

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