Reveal Resource Center (Food Bank)


Reveal Resource Center, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, provides food, clothes, and diapers to 500-800 moderate income families every week in Cedar Park and Leander Texas. Each week, Reveal distributes 20,000 pounds of food with the help of 80 to 150 volunteers. With such a large operation, Reveal turned to Swift Sensors to protect their inventory 24/7/365 to ensure they could continue serving central Texas.

The Challenge

The Reveal Resource Center operation is extensive, with a wide range of coolers and freezers monitored using Swift Sensors remote monitoring and alert system, including:

  • 3 Commercial Refrigerators
  • 3 Commercial Freezers
  • 2 60 ft Cargo Containers converted into
  • 2 60 ft Cargo Containers converted into Freezers
  • 1 60ft Cargo Container for storage
  • Food sorting and diaper distribution buildings

Because the Reveal operation involved such a high volume of food and volunteers, they realized there was a high potential for equipment failure or accidents that could happen.

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