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For over 25 years Anderson Group has been a leading global manufacturer of industrial CNC Routers for the woodworking, composites, plastics, graphic and nonferrous metals industries.

The main objective of Anderson America is to provide its customers with the best in class CNC Router technology at affordable prices, backed by a high level of technical support both locally and on internet connected basis. Anderson America´s dedication to providing a quality CNC Router for today´s highest demands in machining excellence and technical support is unparalleled.

The Anderson Group wanted to improve the efficiency and quality of their customer service, particularly when a customer was unable to control the router to their expectations or if the customer believed the router was in need of repair. Instead of just asking questions of the customer the Anderson Group added Swift Sensors wireless sensors to their routers to give them operational health data.

By adding vibration activity sensors to the routers, the support team can review logged data of the G-forces applied to the router and pinpoint events or patterns that may damage or cause the machine to operate outside it’s specified range. This helps the customer learn to operate the equipment more efficiently and helps the Anderson Group’s support team understand the actual operating conditions of their machines.


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Swift Sensors System Configuration

Swift Sensor BridgeSS-BRG-1010 Standard Bridge
Types of SensorsSS-SEN-201B Wireless Vibration Amplitude Sensor
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