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Alira Health is an international advisory firm providing integrated strategy, execution and innovation services for healthcare and life science companies. Their strategists, bankers, doctors and scientists collaborate to fully understand every aspect of healthcare.

Alira Health was in search of a wireless sensor system for their laboratory freezers and refrigeration units. They needed to ensure that there was no power interruption to these units at any time. They wanted to be able to have access to real-time information regardless of time of day.

Utilizing the Swift Sensor Bridge 1010 along with Swift Sensor wireless temperature sensors and electric sensors, Alira Health is now capable of viewing this real-time information in one screen and from their mobile devices ensuring that all is well at their facilities.

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Swift Sensor BridgeSS-BRG-1010
Types of SensorsSS-SEN-101 Wireless Temperature, Humidity, and Dew Point Sensor
SS-SEN-110 Wireless Remote Sub-Zero Temperature Sensor
SS-SEN-608 Wireless 24 – 500 VAC Voltage Detection Sensor
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