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  • Monitor temperatures from your mobile phone.
  • Receive notifications when temperatures go out of range.
  • No more unnecessary trips up to school to check, verify or record temperatures.
  • Automated temp logs with full history for USDA compliance.

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Remote Monitoring for your School Walk-ins

    • Prevent catastrophic inventory loss.
    • Automate temperature logs
      Protect your facility 24/7 for pennies a day.
    • Free up busy, hard-to-find staff.
    • Get alerts immediately when equipment fails.
    • Monitor coolers, freezers, servers, and merchandisers.
    • Monitor for power outages, leaks, and HVAC quality.

Be the first to know when there is a problem with your walk-in coolers and freezers

  • Receive a text message at the first sign of trouble.
  • Check your temperatures from your phone from anywhere.

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