Productivity Conversions

Productivity Conversions

By popular customer demand, Swift Sensors has added the ability to convert productivity analytics to a custom scalar property and units. This type of conversion is useful when productivity is tracked using another property such as distance. For example, a productivity quantity of 10 can be displayed as the production of 25 feet of material using a custom scaling factor of 2.5 feet per productivity unit.

Productivity conversions can be created on the Conversions page under the Admin menu, which now supports two types of conversions: the original measurement conversions, and the new productivity conversions.  To create a productivity conversion, click the plus button to open a new conversion form.  At the top, set the conversion type to “productivity.”  After entering a name and an optional description, enter a value for the scaling factor.  Finally, choose the output scalar property and units, and save.

To use a productivity conversion, go to the measurement details of one or more binary sensors and edit the productivity conversion panel.  Select the productivity conversion you created and save.  From now on, this measurement’s productivity is always converted and shown as a scalar property.

On real-time dashboards, the converted productivity value and units are shown using a large font, while the raw productivity value is shown below in parentheses using a small font.

On historical productivity analytics reports, the converted value and units are shown to the left of the raw productivity value.

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