Wireless IoT Sensing + Integrated Video = Peace of Mind

Wireless IoT Sensing + Integrated Video = Peace of Mind

IoT sensing

Help your customers manage their business and enhance their ROI with IoT sensing designed for restaurants and facilities. Swift Sensors has developed simple, low-cost sensors to monitor temperature, vibration, and more in the cloud.  Peace of mind, quality assurance and return on investment are just a few of the benefits of employing our wireless cloud monitoring system. See what we can do for your industry…

Restaurants. Adding Swift Sensors offers a layer of protection to ensure food safety in restaurants, relieving employees from manual temperature monitoring and decreasing the likelihood of error. The ROI averages less than six months and the data is useful for health inspections and HACCP plans.

Property Management. Swift Sensors monitors building temperatures, power systems, motion, occupancy and water presence to ensure occupied and vacant properties are in normal operation condition.  

Cold Chain Monitoring. Swift Sensors integrates the monitoring of the entire cold-chain from processing and production to transportation, storage and delivery. Prevent loss with instant notifications to prevent damage or spoiling.

Integration with Eagle Eye Networks

Eagle Eye Networks’ integration with Swift Sensors creates the first-ever integrated video with wireless sensor IoT system.  Swift Sensors customers can view synchronized video with their sensor data to identify issues with equipment and quickly resolve problems. See how this partnership can apply to your industry…

Cold Storage Monitoring

Cold storage facilities frequently exceed temperature thresholds when doors are left open or not shut properly.  A video snapshot of an open walk-in cooler can identify an immediate solution to a potentially costly food spoilage issue.

Building Security

Aid building security with alerts if a door sensor detects a door is open longer than is expected. Security managers can view video footage and take immediate action, as needed.

Property Management

Correlating a water presence notification from a sensor along with video of outside weather conditions and critical building locations can prevent costly water damage that would otherwise go undetected.

Learn more about Swift Sensors integration with Eagle Eye Networks by clicking here.

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