Swift Sensors Launches Sub-Zero Temperature Sensor to Meet COVID-19 Vaccine Monitoring and Storage Requirements

Swift Sensors Launches Sub-Zero Temperature Sensor to Meet COVID-19 Vaccine Monitoring and Storage Requirements

24/7 cloud-based wireless monitoring ensures vaccines are stored throughout the cold chain in the required sub-zero temperature ranges down to -100°C.

AUSTIN, Tex. — Swift Sensors (https://www.swiftsensors.com/), a provider of industrial IoT sensor solutions, announces the launch of its secure wireless vaccine storage unit monitoring and alert system to enable medical facilities and pharmacies to remotely monitor COVID-19 vaccine storage temperatures, automate data logging, and respond quickly in case of an equipment problem or power failure.

As vaccine suppliers and public health agencies expand the number of locations for vaccine delivery, pharmacies and clinics must quickly and safely store the vaccines to preserve the vaccines’ efficacy, prevent waste, and comply with data monitoring regulations. Swift Sensors has developed a wireless sensor system to achieve these goals.

“Data loggers have historically been used in cold-chain monitoring of vaccines, pharmaceuticals and other critical perishable items. However, they lack the low cost, simplicity and connectivity of wireless sensors connected to the internet,” said Ray Almgren, Swift Sensors CEO. “Our new sub-zero temperature sensor delivers an all-in-one, cost-effective solution for the safe and fast distribution and delivery of much-needed vaccines.”

110 Sensor
SS3-110 Wireless Sub-Zero Temperature Sensor

Each Swift Sensors vaccine package includes at least one wireless remote temperature sensor to relay storage temperature data to an included wireless gateway.

SG3-1010 wireless gateway

The gateway sends data to a secure cloud-based Swift Sensors Console account. Pharmacy and clinic managers can view temperatures in real time on their computer or mobile device. They can also receive instant alerts via text, voice or email if the storage unit temperature exceeds established thresholds.

Swift Sensors offers a choice of two temperature sensor models with each package. The SS3-110 Wireless Sub-Zero Temperature Sensor measures temperatures from -100°C to +200°C, while the SS3-105 Wireless Remote Temperature Sensor reads temperatures from -40°C to +125°C.

105 Sensor
SS3-105 Wireless Remote Temperature Sensor

“Pharmacies and clinics can use our new sub-zero temperature sensor to monitor the super-cold temperatures the Pfizer vaccine requires or use our standard wireless remote temperature sensor to monitor Moderna vaccine storage conditions,” Almgren said. “Installation typically requires only a few minutes, and the device batteries last six to eight years.”

“My customers include a national network of primary care offices and vaccine delivery providers with strict requirements for safe handling,” said David Swensen, Co-Owner of Advanced Controls NY.  “I’m using Swift Sensors to monitor both currently available COVID-19 vaccines for my clients.”

The Swift Sensors Console stores historical temperature readings so pharmacies and clinics can easily comply with CDC and state health department data logging requirements, without having to spend employee time manually recording or updating temperature data.

Health care providers can customize and order their vaccine monitoring package from an authorized reseller/integrator or directly from the Swift Sensors website.  Learn more about vaccine monitoring requirements at swiftsensors.com/vaccine-monitoring.

About Swift Sensors

Swift Sensors is a cloud-based wireless IoT company providing a low-cost sensor solution for industrial and commercial applications. Its flagship product, the Swift Sensors Cloud Wireless Sensor System, combines low-power wireless sensors with cloud-based monitoring, notifications, analytics and reporting to monitor and protect equipment and processes for customers in manufacturing, food service, facility management, cold chain, transportation and agriculture. www.swiftsensors.com.


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The Swift Sensors Vaccine Package is ideal for pharmaceutical companies to store and monitor temperatures of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine in real-time.

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