NRA Show: Five Issues Raised in Food Safety

NRA Show: Five Issues Raised in Food Safety

While exhibiting at the National Restaurant Association Show this week, we asked the attendees about their top issues related to storing and preparing food to ensure quality and safety.

Here’s what attendees said:

  1. How can I easily deploy monitoring technology to implement a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Plan (HACCP)?
  2. How do I automate the measurement of the temperatures of my food and cold storage equipment so I don’t have to depend on my employees to make the measurements nor distract them from serving our customers?
  3. What can I do to alert my store managers when the power goes down after business hours so we don’t lose our inventory?
  4. How can I quickly deploy a monitoring system for a week-long or weekend event (county fair, music festival) that can monitor the temperatures, door opening and closings, and motion near the food service systems to ensure food safety and quality throughout the event?
  5. How can I introduce technology (e.g. IoT) to my culinary school and hospitality students so they will know how to select, source, and deploy state-of-the-art technology solutions to ensure food safety?

As you may have guessed, Swift Sensors has a solution! Stop by and see us today and tomorrow in booth #10047!

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