IoT Monitoring Tools and The Future of Manufacturing

IoT Monitoring Tools and The Future of Manufacturing

manufacturingStudies have estimated that there will be over one and a half trillion dollars invested in Internet of Things (IoT) products by the year 2020.   However, most people are still scratching their heads in confusion as to what IoT is, exactly.   Many think IoT is the technology of wearables and home automation.   The biggest impact of IoT technology, however, will be in manufacturing.  Often this is referred to as the Industrial IoT or IIoT.

Essentially IoT is a network of devices with sensors, “things,” that communicate with computing devices and the cloud without human involvement.  Now, that doesn’t mean that humans aren’t involved, it just means that data from an IoT device can be acquired, stored, analyzed and acted upon without human intervention or decision. This is what makes IoT monitoring tools so powerful in improving manufacturing processes and efficiency.

For manufacturing, IIoT is the next major advancement in automation.  The IIoT enables machinery and equipment to transmit real-time information to an application. This allows operators to better understand equipment efficiency, identify maintenance needs, and prevent failures and loss.

Swift Sensors products are revolutionizing many manufacturing operations with our line of low-power, wireless sensors.  Our sensors eliminate production loss and can also cut costs by relieving the staff needed to manually monitor equipment via our wifi connected monitoring tools.  In addition, with the sensor data from machines and process always available, analytics can glean insights such as machine utilization, percent compliance and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Vibration monitoring, condition monitoring (temperature or humidity), and machinery protection are our bread and butter.

Many manufacturing industries have monitoring standards change on a regular basis, often due to regulations such as FSMA in food manufacturing.  With these changes, the technology must evolve as well.  Our cloud-based wireless system design permits customization and automatic updates to meet updated standards and requirements in addition to receiving real time email alert notifications and sensor data.

The most often cited reason for not deploying more sensors into an existing manufacturing operation or server room is the cost and complexity of updating the existing system.  That’s why our system was designed with simplicity in mind.  There is no extensive wiring to connect, no software to install, and no technicians needed to deploy.  You can begin monitoring, alerting, and gaining important operational insights right away with our IoT temperature sensor, wireless vibration sensor, wifi temperature and humidity sensor, and more from our wide range of products. Moreover, the battery life is exemplary so you don’t have to worry about our sensors failing unexpectedly.

If your company could benefit from additional insights from your manufacturing operations or if you could benefit from the measurement of environmental variables, you can simplify and improve your daily operations with Swift Sensors.  Learn more.


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