Swift Sensors and Actus Data Partnership

Swift Sensors and Actus Data Partnership

Swift Sensors and Actus Data partner to deliver IoT Analytics Solution

Sensor data is one of the largest sets of big data available, and it can provide significant value to a wide variety of businesses, yet it is still largely untapped. By combining the low-cost wireless sensor network and a real-time stream of equipment, machine, and process sensor data with advanced analytics and reporting, Swift Sensors and Actus Data give businesses the insights they need to gain sustainable competitive advantage.

Sensor Control Dashboard

Sam Cece, CEO and Founder of Swift Sensors, continued by saying, “It is one thing to see sensor data in a database or on a spread sheet, but it is something completely different to bring that data to life with advanced analytics. By working with Actus Data, we are providing our customers valuable insights to make better decisions and deliver data-driven results. There has never been a better time to make the Internet of Things a core component of your business.”

For more information, please read our press release or learn more about the integration  about this partnership.

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