Peace of Mind for Property Owners

Peace of Mind for Property Owners

Everyone understands the gravity of the decision to invest in property, but few people comprehend the constant stress that such a decision can entail.  When you’ve made the choice to purchase a piece of property, especially a property you don’t intend to inhabit or work from yourself, a small issue can throw even the best laid plans off track.

In order to effectively monitor a property, as an off-site owner, it feels like you need to have eyes in the back of your head.  Otherwise, your budget is bogged down with having to employ staff around the clock to monitor the security and integrity of the building.  However, there is another solution that will simplify the process of building management.

Swift Sensors has developed a way to have eyes on your property without having to be on the premises, at all times.  We use a simple and low-cost solution to monitor building temperatures, power systems, motion, occupancy and water presence to ensure occupied and vacant properties are in normal operating condition.  Using our wireless cloud monitoring system, building owners and property managers can obtain peace of mind without excessive cost and concern.

Eagle Eye Networks’ integration with Swift Sensors creates the first-ever integrated video with wireless sensor IoT system.  Swift Sensors customers can view synchronized video with their sensor data to identify issues with equipment and quickly resolve problems.

For building managers, this integration increases the peace of mind attained from sensors by adding video security.  For instance, if you get an alert for a door being open too long, your security team can view and monitor the situation using video footage.  You also have the ability to monitor outdoor conditions, any potential risks, and prevent damage that could have otherwise gone undetected.

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