July Newsletter 2022

July Newsletter 2022

Automate Temperature Logs for Food Services and Medical Inspections

Are you still monitoring and logging your coolers and freezers manually.  With Swift Sensors built-in reporting tools, you can automate the process for accurate and complete reports every time.  And your staff can focus on more important tasks.  Breeze through your next inspection with automated temperature logs.  

Protect Your Data and Corporate Networks with Advanced Security Protocols

As wireless sensors become more and more popular, one question big question often gets in the way – What about security?  Swift Sensors uses advanced security protocols to ensure your networks and data are safe.  Get all of the answers – for you and your IT team – from our Advanced Security Protocols document.

McDonald’s Owner/Operator uses Swift Sensors to Protect Against Spoilage and Increase Profits

If you own 12 McDonald’s across Manhattan and Brooklyn, you stay busy keeping up with your operations and strict city codes and inspections.  With a variety of wireless sensors, this McDonald’s owner is about to guard against food spoilage, flood events, and doors opened in off hours.  

“Through a single dashboard, I’m alerted when something needs my attention. I’ve already seen cost savings in the first two months we’ve had the Swift Sensors solution deployed…” ~ Paul Goodman

Download the new McDonald’s Case Study to learn more.  

Integrate Sensor Measurements with Your Security Camera Systems

Now you can integrate your Swift Sensors measurement data with camera feeds from Eagle Eye Networks to add critical context to your video surveillance systems.  When you receive a door open or water presence alert, you can automatically include a real-time video snapshot to help quickly diagnose the problem.  Know exactly what’s going on by combining wireless sensors and security cameras.  

Featured Sensor: SS3-203 Predictive Vibration Sensor

Vibration is one of the most common measurements made on HVAC equipment and manufacturing machinery.  The Swift Sensors SS3-203 Predictive Vibration Sensor can help you detect potential failures in your critical equipment and machinery before they occur, giving you insight to schedule maintenance crews.  To learn more about how you can detect common equipment failures with vibration sensors, download our vibration monitoring white paper.

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