Newsletter October 2022

Newsletter October 2022

Maintenance and Operations Teams Gain Visibility Through Wireless Sensors

Facilities managers are turning to wireless sensors for more visibility into their systems and processes

Wireless sensor technology has grown from “science fiction” only a few years ago, to a critical tool for maintenance and operations managers today. Operations teams are gaining new visibility into systems and equipment anywhere in their facility with wireless sensors to:

  • Monitor critical systems to ensure they are operating properly
  • Schedule maintenance more strategically based on real-time machine monitoring data
  • Capture productivity data to analyze performance, efficiency, and uptime across different shifts, lines, or facilities

Wireless sensors have gained traction because they are low cost, easy to install, and vendor agnostic – giving operations managers new insights they can trust. To learn more, download our new paper – Wireless Sensors Address Challenges for Facilities Management

Extended Range and Probe Options Extend Sensors’ Reach to Harsh, Hard-to-Reach, and Controlled Areas

In recent months, Swift Sensors has released temperature sensors with unique measurement capabilities designed for extreme conditions and challenging environments. They include:

  • high-temperature sensor (up to 300 °C) with a 3-foot long rigid probe, ideal for harsh environments or liquid temperature measurements (SS3-106-1000)
  • remote temperature and humidity sensor with a sealed measurement probe ideal for agriculture and industrial applications (SS3-114)
  • An ultra-low temperature sensor (-100 °C) designed for cryogenic freezer monitoring in medical environments (SS3-110)

Contact us to learn more about our extended-capability sensors and request a quote today.  

Swift Sensors introduces 3 new extended range sensors for harsh environments

Restaurant Franchise Owner Combats Staffing Challenges with Wireless Sensors

An owner/operator of 6 restaurants in the Washington, DC area has found that automated temperature logging, reporting, and monitoring has helped free up staff and keep them focused on customer-facing issues.  With Swift Sensors remote monitoring and alert system, Bryce Cole is able to leave his refrigeration worries behind and stay focused on his business.  

Learn more by downloading our Cole Hospitality Case Study

Bakery Chef Cooking Bake In The Kitchen Professional

New Enhancements Address Medical 

Lab and Vaccine Monitoring Requirements

Swift Sensors offers NIST-traceable temperature sensors, automatic logging, glycol bottle temperature buffers, and automated daily verification

Swift Sensors remote monitoring and alert system now comes with all of the features and functionality required by the CDC, CMS, and other government-regulated storage processes, including:

Check out our latest Medical Lab Temperature Monitoring Guide for all the details

Schools, Colleges, and Universities Are Getting On-Board with Automated Temperature Monitoring

Schools face unique challenges in managing their food services operation.  With stronger regulatory oversight, extended summer and holiday breaks, and widespread facilities with cafeterias and restaurants, school food services managers need to be extra vigilant.  Facing staffing challenges and budget pressures, schools are turning to automation with wireless sensors more and more.  The Swift Sensors remote monitoring and alert system protects against equipment failure and automates daily temperature logging tasks.  Instead of manually checking and logging temperatures throughout the summer, now managers can do it all right from their phone.    

Learn how wireless sensors are becoming a critical tool for facilities managers by downloading our Facilities Management white paper below.

School Food Safety Monitoring Guide Outlines how to protect your inventory and automate temp logging in schools

Go Global with Swift Sensors

Swift Sensors products are designed and certified for global use, so you can be confident that you’ll get the same performance and support wherever you are located.  Some of the globalization features we offer include:

  • The Swift Sensors Console software is available in 9 languages
  • CE certification for all sensor and gateway hardware
  • Bluetooth (BLE5) radio communications certified for global use
  • Integration with Eagle Eye Networks VMS 
  • Sensors and Gateways work in any country around the world

Learn more about our global certified reseller program

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