Newsletter August 2022

Newsletter August 2022

New Daily Verification Tools Automate Logging and Documentation for Clinical Lab CLIA Certification

Daily temperature checking and logging is required by CLIA

With our latest update, lab managers can now check, verify, and store temperatures as required by CLIA standards. Rather than visually inspect all of your units and record temperatures in a log, now you can simply pull up the Swift Sensors console and quickly review and verify all of your temperatures in seconds. All of the verification steps are logged automatically, including the information needed for your new CLIA inspection. All of the data is stored and verified in reports that cannot be lost, incomplete, inaccurate, or tampered with in any way. Inspectors prefer this approach to manual logging because they know the data is accurate and complete.  

Learn how you can automate daily verification right from your phone or laptop to eliminate unnecessary manual steps for your technicians.

Connect Any Industrial Sensor to the Cloud

Did you know that you can connect any industrial sensor to the internet, making it a part of the Swift Sensors remote monitoring and alert system?  With the SS3-615 Universal Analog Sensor Adapter, you can connect to:

  • Flow meters
  • Pressure sensors
  • Proximity sensors
  • Level sensors
  • Air Quality
  • And more…

Expand the measurement capabilities or tap into your installed industrial systems using the SS3-615 Universal Analog Sensor Adapter.  And, you can use the onboard digital out to implement simple control loops or physical alarms.  

To learn more about the SS3-615 and its operation, download the Configuration Guide.  

Your Data and Networks are Protected with Swift Sensors

The idea of wireless sensors running throughout your facility communicating over corporate networks may generate questions or concerns with your internal IT groups.  Swift Sensors cloud system is built by industry experts implementing best practices according to ISO/IEC 27001 security standards, including AE encryption, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and more

To make your life easier, we put together an in-depth security document to answer your questions, and questions from your IT team, about security.  Visit the Security page on our Website and download our Swift Sensors Advanced Securities Protocol document to learn more.

Swift Sensors uses the latest in advanced security protocols to protect your data and networks

Case Study: Food Pantry Saves Inventory While Automating Reporting Needs

Reveal Resource Center distributes 20,000 pounds of food each week with the help of 80-150 volunteers.  With 10 large commercial cooler and freezer units providing food for so many families each week, they can’t afford to have any equipment issues.  Learn how they are using Swift Sensors to protect their inventory.  And, as a partner with the Central Texas Food Bank, they have temperature logging requirements that they are able to automate with Swift Sensors.
“We have a huge number of volunteers working in the food pantry storing and delivering 20 tons of food each week. With 6 coolers and freezers inside, and 3 massive refrigeration units outside – our equipment risk is high.  Our Swift Sensors monitoring system has saved our inventory multiple times – from freezer doors left open, power outages, to a partial compressor failure at 4AM.”
~ Greg Crouch, Board of Directors, Reveal Resource Center

Learn More

Wireless Sensors Gain Traction with Facilities Managers

Managers of large industrial and commercial facilities have a lot to worry about.  Keeping the power, HVAC, and plumbing systems operating while ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for employees and/or customers is just the beginning.  They also have to look for ways to optimize the operation to save money, respond to any crisis quickly, and adjust to changing business needs.   Wireless sensors are becoming a key tool for facilities managers to protect their equipment, react to short-term issues, and gather data to drive operational improvements.  

Learn how wireless sensors are becoming a critical tool for facilities managers by downloading our Facilities Management white paper below.

Go Global with Swift Sensors

Swift Sensors products are designed and certified for global use, so you can be confident that you’ll get the same performance and support wherever you are located.  Some of the globalization features we offer include:

  • The Swift Sensors Console software is available in 9 languages
  • CE certification for all sensor and gateway hardware
  • Bluetooth (BLE5) radio communications certified for global use
  • Integration with Eagle Eye Networks VMS 
  • Sensors and Gateways work in any country around the world

Learn more about our global certified reseller program

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