Manufacturing and Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Manufacturing and Overall Equipment Effectiveness

ManufacturingWhen people think about the products they’re consuming and using on a regular basis, they don’t often think about the steps that are taken to make sure that what they are getting is the best possible product available.  However, as manufacturers, there are many safeguards that the industry must adhere to in order to produce their best products and operate effectively.  Swift Sensors Cloud Wireless Sensor System can assist in the manufacturing and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Industrial plants have a great deal of standards against which they must measure themselves to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the manufactured articles for which they are responsible.  In addition to the rigorous expectation of product safety and effectiveness, industrial plants must also ensure that they’re meeting specific equipment goals, as well.  We can assist your industry in protecting the final product as well as measuring and monitoring the effectiveness of the machinery creating that product.

What sets our sensors apart from the traditional monitoring system is that we offer a low-cost, unified solution that focuses largely on proactively monitoring your equipment and processes.  This can assist heavily in the process of increasing your OEE standards.

We offer a full line of sensors for your industrial business, but we can also connect with your existing systems using our 4-20mA current sensor adaptor.  This eliminates the necessity of a complete overhaul of your current sensor system, thus integrating the two systems seamlessly.  Our sensors are equipped to measure power, vibration, and temperature to ensure efficient plant operations.

For more information regarding our sensors and how they can assist your manufacturing operations, check out our website!


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