IoT Monitoring Platforms to Improve Manufacturing Efficiency

IoT Monitoring Platforms to Improve Manufacturing Efficiency

IIoTBeyond the ubiquity of “smart” wireless devices in the consumer market, there is a huge shift happening on an industrial level to harness the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) refers to wireless sensors and intelligent machines that collect data and integrate analytics into the operational processes and systems in an industrial setting.

An IoT monitoring platform that provides low-cost wireless sensor systems and cloud-based storage and analytics make insights into overall equipment effectiveness and proactive machine maintenance more accessible than ever before using IoT applications. Additionally, the scalability of wireless systems reduces the costs of measurement by a factor of 10.

These new IoT solutions are different from legacy systems and traditional measurement systems because they cannot only monitor previously inaccessible thresholds, but they can be deployed quickly and efficiently. The apparent simplicity of wireless sensor systems means you can get answers to your business concerns quickly and without a major investment of downtime or cash.  Companies like, Meggitt, The Andersen Company, and Mountville Mills are improving operational efficiency with IIoT.

At Swift Sensors, we have harnessed the power and potential of the IIOT to create a low-cost, unified sensor system that drives powerful insights and analytics, integrates with connected devices, and provides real time device data. This data gives plant managers and engineers the power to design new solutions to increase overall equipment effectiveness and improve compliance across their facilities. If you are looking for an easy-to-use vibration monitoring system, temperature monitoring system, or wireless temperature monitoring, Swift Sensors has an iot monitoring solution for you.

Our plug-and-play system is designed to be deployed rapidly. There are no wires to connect, no software to install and no technicians to wait for. Your team can get a Swift Sensors system up and running the day you unbox it.

Here’s an overview of the end-to-end solution:

  • Install small, industrial wireless sensors to monitor equipment.
  • Set specific ranges (thresholds) for whatever measurements you want to monitor.
  • Activate custom notifications (alerts) to be set when certain thresholds are met.
  • Utilize the dashboard to analyze data stored securely on the cloud.
  • Make informed decisions for your plant based on these powerful new insights.

The Swift Sensors IoT platform comes together in a few different pieces, which are outlined here.

It’s time to get clarity about your plant’s OEE. Better data has the potential to improve product quality and help your team develop accurate policies and procedures to optimize your plant operations.

Ready to see exactly how a Swift Sensors wireless sensor system can improve OEE in your workplace? REQUEST A DEMO TODAY.

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