End-to-end IoT sensor system adds user-defined customization

End-to-end IoT sensor system adds user-defined customization

One of the many dreams spurring development of the Industrial IoT was the ability to easily slap sensors around a plant on units and equipment and areas that would report to a database with attached dashboards. The resulting information and visualization would give plant managers and professionals an opportunity for better control of operations and maintenance. Following is a press release from a relatively new entrant in that market segment.

This system from Swift Sensors reminds me of the old ZigBee sensors from a long time ago brought into the modern IoT world with new technologies. This month, the company announced addition of user-defined dashboards to simplify and enhance viewing and analytics of critical sensor data. These new features will help Swift Sensors customers gain deeper insight into “big data” from wireless sensor networks and simplify IoT systems to deliver true value.

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