Food Safe Program

Swift Sensors launches new Food Safe program to promote food safety in Restaurants, Resorts and Schools.

Swift Sensors - Food Safe Program protects food with wireless temperature sensors.

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Swift Sensors is proud to announce the launch of its new “Food Safe” program. This innovative program aims to promote food safety and storage compliance in restaurants, resorts and schools by offering cutting-edge wireless temperature monitoring technology to guarantee the correct storage temperatures for their perishable goods.

Our wireless temperature monitoring system provides complete 24/7 coverage including automatic alerts when temperatures drift out of normal operating levels and automated temp logs.

By participating in our “Food Safe” initiative, the unique window signage we offer communicates to your patrons that essential measures have been implemented to guarantee the utmost level of food safety possible.

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A Word from Our CEO

Ray Almgren - CEO of Swift Sensors. Remote Wireless Monitoring Systems

We are thrilled to be launching the 'Food Safe' program as a testament to our commitment to food safety and customer satisfaction. Participating restaurants, resorts and schools can confidently display the 'Food Safe' sticker in their windows, assuring customers that they prioritize food safety and quality."

Top Restaurant Operators Choose Swift Sensors

Protect. Automate. Relax.

Nothing disrupts your restaurant or food services operation more than a failed cooler or freezer. Spoiled inventory, canceled menu items, or unscheduled closures can undermine customer loyalty and leave you in financial ruins. Remote temperature monitoring for restaurants and food services organizations keep your inventory safe and your business open.

Get Alerts, Act Fast

Swift Sensors remote monitoring for restaurants and food services offers a wide range of temperature and equipment sensors.  Install in your equipment and receive immediate alerts via SMS text, email, or phone call when critical limits are exceeded.  Be the first to know when refrigerators, freezers or cases are acting up, when leaks or floods occur, or when doors are left open.

Free Up Staff, Breeze Through Inspections

Your staff is too busy to manually log temperatures throughout the day. You need them focused on customers, not tedious logging.  Our remote temperature monitoring for restaurants and food services system automatically generates reports you need for local health inspections, HACCP programs, and government programs.  Streamline your operations with automation.

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