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Wi-Fi/Wireless Temperature Sensor

Swift Sensor’s Wireless Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point sensors incorporate the latest IoT technology to make it simple and cost-effective to monitor the environmental conditions in your facility or on your equipment. The wireless sensors communicate their data to a Bridge appliance that securely communicates the data to the cloud via Wi-Fi, ethernet, or cellular communications. The sensors measures temperatures between -40°F to 185°F, relative humidity and dew point. Typical uses of the wireless temperature sensors include facility monitoring, food safety in food manufacturing and in restaurants, greenhouse monitoring, and agriculture.

Wireless Sensors for Food Manufacturing and Processing

Machine Utilization

WiFi Temperature Monitoring, Wireless Temperature Sensor, Vibration Sensors, and More to Improve Food Manufacturing Processes

“The problem we have here is that we don’t get insight into our issues in a timely manner to take corrective action.
Pat Z, Process Improvement Engineer”

One of the biggest challenges facing food manufacturers and food processors is receiving real-time data from their equipment.  Without this critical data, Plant Managers are often operating in reactive mode rather than proactive mode.  In today’s competitive manufacturing economy, Plant Managers can no longer count on manual employee temperature checks, visual inspection, or old-fashioned data loggers. New technologies such as IoT monitoring tools, industrial wireless sensors, and vibration monitoring are necessary tools in today’s food manufacturing world.

This is where Swift Sensors comes in.  We have developed a low-cost wireless solution that immediately alerts Plant Managers when things like temperatures go too high or if vibrations go out of range.  We have over 30 different types of sensors (i.e. remote temperature sensor) that can measure everything from temperature to vibration to voltage to water presence. Our sensors can provide a variety of functions such as acting as a server room temperature monitor, remote temperature monitoring system, humidity sensor, and IoT monitoring platform.

Swift Sensors allow you to collect Measurements, create Thresholds for compliance, and send Notifications when certain user-defined conditions are met.

 Vibration Sensor

Advanced Dashboard & Analytics

Swift Sensors for Food Manufacturing provides more than just measurements and notifications when thresholds are breached.  Swift Sensors also provide you with complex analytics such as machine utilization, compliance and multi-measurement graphing.  Our analytical dashboard and metrics allow you to compare machine vs. machine output, overall compliance across complete facility for given machines and shifts, employee performance, relationship analysis of multiple measurement types.

Machine Usage

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