Wireless Facility & Temperature Monitoring System for Education

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Remote Temperature Wireless Sensors for Education Facilities: School Districts, Universities, and Colleges

Swift Sensors provides a turnkey, easy-to-install, cloud-based wireless sensor system to monitor refrigeration, and other critical equipment. Our sensor systems are trusted by some of the biggest independent school districts and colleges in America.


Features and Benefits

Automate manual temperature and vibration logging
Access to compliance reports for xx years
Get notified when refrigerators, freezers, or servers go down or from power outages
Track all machinery health 24/7/365
Give your maintenance team time and reactiveness to fix unplanned downtime
Easy setup in 30 minutes or less
Complete control over your data upon request


Refrigeration Package

The Swift Sensors Refrigeration Package is perfect for the real-time temperature monitoring of walk-in coolers, pharmacy refrigerators, sub-zero freezers, cold tables, and more.

Machine Vibration Package

The Swift Sensors Machine Vibration Package is designed specifically for monitoring the g-force vibration levels of industrial equipment such as pumps, compressors, and rotating machinery.

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