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How the IIoT will help manufacturers in 2020

The IIoT will have a big impact on industrial productivity and cost savings in the year ahead. Already, 62% of the industrial-manufacturing sector is using IoT technology in operations, and that number is almost sure to rise in the coming months. That’s why it seems like everyone’s talking about the IIoT right now. However, not

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Why IIoT can make the pharma cold chain safer and more efficient

The demands for pharmaceutical cold-chain capacity and compliance are on the rise. The global pharmaceutical industry is growing by 3-6 percent year over year, while temperature-controlled pharmaceutical product sales are growing at double the overall pharmaceutical industry rate. Meanwhile, only a quarter of biopharmaceutical leaders say their companies use temperature and location tracking data to

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How the IIoT Helps Manufacturers Reach Energy Efficiency Targets

A growing number of US manufacturers are setting goals to reduce their energy use. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology can help. With a wide net of low-cost wireless sensors and smart equipment connected to powerful analytics tools, plants can improve their energy efficiency, reduce their energy costs, and cut their greenhouse gas emissions. These

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How the IIoT will make the cold chain smarter, safer and more efficient

The need for cold-chain capacity is growing, and so are the stakes for cold-chain integrity and quality assurance. As the food and pharmaceuticals industries work to meet rising global demand, the cold chain must add capacity while getting smarter to reduce waste, protect consumers, and operate more efficiently. The IIoT and cloud-based data analytics can

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Swift Sensors partners with Zebra Technologies

Swift Sensors, a supplier of plug-and-play cloud wireless sensors systems for Industrial IoT, has partnered with Zebra Technologies under their program for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). Swift Sensors users will now have immediate mobile access to the Swift Sensors Wireless Sensor System from Zebra’s line of mobile computing devices and rugged tablets. According to Swift

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IoT Helps Museums Save Art, Artifacts, Animals and Resources

The Internet of Things (IoT) helps museums and other institutions protect their resources, from art to animals. IoT’s benefits go beyond conservation to helping control expenses, improving efficiency, generating revenue, and increasing safety. Here’s how institutions are harnessing the power of IoT to improve their operations and grow. Protecting Priceless Art and Artifacts New York’s Metropolitan

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Common methods, best practices for IIoT solidify

Wireless rides shotgun Of course, once Ethernet began popping up in process applications, it was closely followed by related wireless formats such as WiFi and Bluetooth, which joined the radio, cellular and satellite technologies that were already widely deployed. And, because Ethernet paves the way for the Internet, IIoT can also expand via wireless. Likewise, Kraft

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