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How pharmacies can safeguard Covid-19 vaccine doses

Best practices for pharmacies in storage, monitoring and maintenance of their Covid vaccine shipments Pharmacies across the US are stepping up their role in the country’s Covid-19 vaccination rollout. More states are turning to pharmacies to offer shots at their retail locations, as overwhelmed health districts and hospitals struggle to keep pace with public health

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Vibration and temperature monitoring from afar

Remote sensing helps customer service reps solve equipment issues faster, deliver better customer experience Remote work isn’t only for office workers. With IIoT-connected sensors installed on their products, equipment manufacturers can provide faster, safer customer service even without making a service call. That can improve customer experience at a time when B2B needs to meet

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What’s Really Happening with IIoT Technology in 2021

Thinking about 2021 is a welcome relief after a difficult year for many people, and a lot of us expect things to get better in the months ahead. That includes the manufacturing sector, which had to contend with supply chain issues, shutdowns, outbreaks, and demand-side challenges and is now looking at ways to work safer

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Wireless Sensor Technology Usage for Schools During COVID-19

As the first fall semester of the Covid-19 era gets underway, K-12 schools and universities are struggling to operate safely. Many are already seeing outbreaks and disruptions of their return-to-class plans, despite the safety measures they’ve put in place. Because of human nature and the risk-taking tendencies of young adults, the existing safety measures on

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How the IoT Is Faring in a Remote Working World

Recent research by Vodafone showed that 84 percent of businesses that had begun to adopt Internet of Things (IoT) technologies found they had a positive impact on their ability to function during the pandemic. The research, based on a survey of more than 1,600 businesses, was carried out for the Vodafone IoT Spotlight in May

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Social Distancing, Efficiency and Security: How IoT Tools Can Help

As manufacturers reopen their plants and bring furloughed employees back to work, they face two major challenges. Safety and public health now require extra distance between workers, which can mean fewer workers per shift. And the economic climate means manufacturers need to optimize productivity to compete and survive. These challenges might seem to put companies

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