Swift Sensors Names IoT Veteran, Ray Almgren, As New CEO

We’re very excited to announce that Ray Almgren, formerly our Chief Operating Officer, has been appointed as our new Chief Executive Officer. Ray, who helped launch Swift Sensors in 2016, plans to innovate our products and propel the industry forward with easy to use, plug-and-play hardware and software.

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Transportation Temperature Monitoring Can Fight Costly Food Waste

Controlling costs is always important for farmers, their restaurant customers and the companies that haul the goods from farm to customer. During a recession, finding ways to avoid product losses in transit is even more important to the bottom line. One costly problem that consistently affects these industries is food waste caused by damage in

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Social Distancing, Efficiency and Security: How IoT Tools Can Help

As manufacturers reopen their plants and bring furloughed employees back to work, they face two major challenges. Safety and public health now require extra distance between workers, which can mean fewer workers per shift. And the economic climate means manufacturers need to optimize productivity to compete and survive. These challenges might seem to put companies

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Power Over Ethernet Bridge Withstands Washdowns and Wet Manufacturing Processes

The Swift Sensors standard bridge is engineered for food and beverage manufacturing plant areas where water, cleaning solutions, and other chemicals come into contact with monitoring equipment. A ruggedized IoT networking solution, the water-resistant Power over Ethernet (PoE) standard bridge 1011 features an IP54-rated enclosure, a single cable for power and Ethernet, 256-bit AES enterprise

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Using wireless sensors to maintain social distancing on the factory floor

Protecting workers’ health and safety is key to getting manufacturing back online. As supply chains restart and stay-at-home rules ease, factories are starting to reopen. But production lines and factory floors look quite different from before the pandemic. Now, plants must give workers enough space to prevent the spread of viral particles. They should also

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Extend Manufacturing Equipment Life with IoT and PdM

Every manufacturer wants to get the most value from their equipment investment because replacing machinery is expensive and disruptive. However, downtime and production errors caused by aging equipment failures are costly, too. Unplanned downtime costs industrial manufacturers an estimated $50 billion per year. To avoid replacement expenses and unplanned downtime costs, a growing number of

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