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Trusted installer for 25 Years.

For over 25 years Advanced Controls Industry (ACI) has been the trusted provider of CCTV, Access Control, and Burglar and Fire Alarms for both commercial and residential locations across the nation.

Vaccines requirements demand a connected, scalable sensor solution

As the COVID-19 pandemic continued, ACI saw an opportunity to address new requirements the pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, and vaccine storage facilities face with properly storing and maintaining the COVID-19 vaccine. Historically, these facilities used a digital data logger (DDL) to monitor their refrigeration units. These standalone temperature monitoring devices (TMD) limit the capacity and scalability required for mass vaccine deployment. These customers required a cloud-based solution with a minimum of three month data storage and real-time alerting.

Turn-key state of the art vaccine monitoring

With the Swift Sensors wireless temperature monitoring and alert system, ACI is now
deploying a scalable, state-of-the art sensor monitoring platform throughout a nationwide
network of medical clinics that includes:

  • Real-time data monitoring available from any laptop, mobile phone or tablet.
  • Immediate, real-time notifications if temperatures go above or below user-defined thresholds.
  • Completely scalable nation-wide sensor network with multiple user defined temperature requirements across numerous locations.
  • Compliance reporting based on historical data required by CDC and other regulatory agencies.

“My customers include a national network of primary care offices and vaccine delivery
providers with strict requirements for safe handling. I’m using Swift Sensors to monitor both currently available COVID-19 vaccines for my clients.”

David Swensen, Co-Owner of Advanced Controls Industry

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