2021 Trends in Sensor Monitoring

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2020 brought with it a host of new challenges including worldwide pandemic, social unrest, unprecedented wildfires, and a near record-breaking hurricane season. All these events will have a lasting impact on the economy and industries and will serve as a catalyst for change across the global economy. These disruptive events uncertainty around the globe are the underlying catalyst for most of the industry trends we’re predicting for monitoring in 2021. For example, it’s accelerating the move to the cloud, increasing the need for monitoring off premise, and emphasizing the need for accurate data and analytics to adapt to changing environments faster, resulting in businesses more nimble in how they operate and evolve through uncertainty.

Here’s how our experts see the coming year unfolding for monitoring across all industries.

2021 Trends in Sensor Monitoring

  1. Hybrid remote workforce means monitoring data must reside in the cloud.
  2. Cloud will transform how companies monitor critical infrastructure.
  3. Compliance is evolving to account for evolving technologies.
  4. Bluetooth 5.1: The tipping point for speed, distance, and reliability.
  5. IP 67 water and dustproof hardware can be essential.
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